Superintendent of Global Education

James William Beeke, Bachelor of Arts in Education and Master of Arts in Educational Administration degrees from Western Michigan University, USA, incumbent Superintendent of Global Education, Executive Director: Board of Directors, and Liaison: BC Ministry of Education – China Maple Leaf Educational Systems.

1972–1975 — Teacher, Kalamazoo Public School System;

1975–1996 — Principal, Timothy School, Canada;

1996–1998 — Deputy Inspector, British Columbia, Canada Ministry of Education;

1998–2005 — Inspector/Director, British Columbia, Canada, Ministry of Education;

2005–2009 — Superintendent of Schools: BC Programs & Director, China Maple Leaf Educational Systems;

2009–2014 — President, Signum International Educational Services, Inc.;

2014–to 2016 — Maple Leaf Superintendent of Schools: BC Programs; Executive Director: Board of Directors; Liaison: BC Ministry of Education

2016–to date — Maple Leaf Superintendent of Global Education; Executive Director: Board of Directors; OSR/Liaison: BC Ministry of Education

2020 – to date – Commissioner: Cognia Global Board of Commissioners


  • Authored 7 published textbooks for elementary and high school students, and many articles for different periodicals;
  • Written six Ministry of Education Reports analyzing six different curricula;
  • As Inspector, Mr. Beeke administered the Independent School Act on behalf of the Minister of Education. This position included the inspecting and certifying of more than 350 schools and the issuing of provincial funding to eligible schools (over 160 million USD); the Inspector also was responsible for such items as the issuance, suspension and revocation of Ministry of Education independent school teacher certificates; provincial home-schooling policies; independent school distributed learning (electronic/ distance-delivered) programs; and British Columbia’s offshore school certification program;
  • Provided the lead role in developing British Columbia, Canada’s offshore school certification program;
  • Served as member and then as chair of school inspection teams for the BC Ministry of Education 22 years (1978-1996; and 2009-2014);
  • Negotiated Memorandums of Understanding and Cooperation for British Columbia, Canada with foreign governments, including national and provincial governments of China, South Korea, and Egypt;
  • Speaker at numerous provincial, national and international education conferences and forums.


1991 — Certificate of Recognition from British Columbia’s Minister of Education;

2003 — Maple Leaf Educational Systems Medal of Excellence and Honor;

2005 — Certificate of Recognition from the Education Consul: Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver, British Columbia;

2005 — Certificate of Recognition from British Columbia: Ministry of Education;

2008 — Certificate of Recognition from the Peoples Government of Liaoning Province, China.

2020 — Gold Medal: Maple Leaf Educational Systems Lifetime Achievement Award