Congratulations from Key Partners Cognia and UK NARIC


Key partner Cognia (formerly AdvanceED) sent congratulations to Maple Leaf on its 25th anniversary. Dr. Annette Bowling, Chief Accreditation Officer said, “It gives me great pleasure to find educational systems such as MLES that provides opportunities for its students to maximize their potential to achieve success for themselves and for the common good of the community.”

Cognia is the world’s largest non-government, non-profit educational evaluation and certification organization, and has certified 40,000 schools, educational institutions and training programs in 85 countries and regions worldwide. Maple Leaf has been certified by Cognia’s predecessor AdvancED since 2016. Maple Leaf is China’s largest private education provider, with over 100 schools and more than 40,000 students.


Key partner UK NARIC sent 25th anniversary congratulations to Maple Leaf:

“Maple Leaf’s history is a real success story. Amidst all the current difficulties, here is an uplifting example of helping young people achieve and progress, and a constructive collaboration between East and West.”

Dr Cloud Bai-Yun is the Chief Executive of the UK’s national agency providing information and expert opinion on vocational, academic and professional qualifications worldwide.