Investor Introduction to Maple Leaf (October 2018)

China’s Leading International School Operator

  • First K-12 operator to list on the HKEX, in 28th Nov. 2014
  • China’s largest international school operator, 94 schools
  • As of 15 October 2018’s company announcement, total 36,564 students
  • Middle and Elementary schools provide 9 years’ China compulsory education curriculum and English enhancing classes; High schools provide Canadian British Columbia curriculum, and directly to overseas universities
  • “Goal education” in High school; “Behaviors & Habits education” in Middle school; “Happiness education” in Elementary and Preschool
  • Affordable fees for China’s middle-class families
  • Consistent revenue growth with high visibility, control over the costs

23 Years’ Experience

Transfering From “Student abroad” to “Elitist”:

Expanding School Network In China – 21 Cities

Expansion Track Record – Maple Leaf Brand

Up to December 2018:

Affordable Fees For China’s Middle Class Families

“Fifth Five Years Plan”(1 September 2015 – 31 August 2020)

New Acquisition 1 – Shen Zhen

New Acquisition 2 – Shen Zhen

New Acquisition 3 – Xiang Yang

New Acquisition 4 – Lu Zhou

International School Market in China

Highlights Of 2018 Annual Results

Revenue Growth 23.83%

Cost Of Revenue

Expenses & CAPEX

Cash Flow


Shareholder Structure

High Quality, Independent Board


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