Maple Leaf’s Educational Programs

Maple Leaf offers a variety of quality educational programs, in a variety of academic settings, allowing students at any age to enter into the Maple Leaf educational system. From pre-school to high school graduation, and at every stage in between, Maple Leaf students are gaining fluency in Mandarin and English through exposure to a diverse student community, clear learning objectives, and the best of both Eastern and Western educational philosophies and practice.

Pre School (Pre-K)

Maple Leaf pre-schools focus on developing an active and healthy learning environment that sets the stage for an inquisitiveness and delight in the process of learning.

MLES delivers an advanced Chinese and English pre-school education program that ensures ‘whole child’ development, while at the same time cultivating in each child bilingual proficiency. Maple Leaf pre-schools blend elements of traditional Chinese culture with western cultural awareness and language development. Our pre-schools are well known for their attention to early childhood nutrition and the development of healthy personal habits. Maple Leaf pre-school students are embarking on a path to success.

Elementary (Grade K-6)

Maple Leaf elementary schools focus on providing a learning environment that leads to a lifelong desire to learn.

The solid academic foundation of the Chinese compulsory education curriculum and the outstanding Maple Leaf English curriculum are blended with an active and engaging learning model that includes a focus on the arts and traditional Chinese culture. Our elementary school students are provided with the pathway to succeed through Maple Leaf middle schools, and Maple Leaf international high schools. Maple Leaf elementary school students are active, curious and happy learners, with a solid English foundation.

Middle School (Grade 7-9)

Maple Leaf middle schools focus on nurturing positive personal and academic development through the “three good habits” model of: positive learning skills, positive personal conduct, and positive living skills.

The Maple Leaf middle school program is aligned with the Maple Leaf international high schools’ BC/Canadian program, with a focus on the all-around development of students and special emphasis in academic English development.

Our schools offer the full curriculum of the 9-year Chinese compulsory education program. To support the success of our middle school students in moving seamlessly into the BC high school curriculum program, we supplement the middle school curriculum with additional English classes taught by our Canadian teachers, using our unique Maple Leaf English program with its identified standards and assessments. Maple Leaf middle schools address students’ individual growth while setting a solid foundation for their academic development and transition into Maple Leaf international high schools, and ultimately university abroad.

Foreign Nationals School (PreK-Grade 9)

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals Schools offer a positive and engaging learning environment in an all-English, Canadian education program. In China, enrolment at these schools is open to all students from pre-school through Grade 9 who hold a non-Chinese passport or whose parent does so. Our program is accredited by the Ministry of Education from British Columbia, Canada, and all teachers and principals are BC-certified educators. Our foreign nationals schools offer a diverse environment designed to enrich and support the development of students from international families living in China.

To support the success of students who may lack the English proficiency to be successful in an all-English classroom, our program incorporates a unique English program taught daily that will help students develop the fluency to transition into a full English academic environment.

Graduates from our Grade 9 class can move seamlessly into our international high schools for Grades 10 – 12, and graduate from a strong academic, university-prep program that blends the best of East and West in education.

Our quality educational program also includes daily Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) classes, to help international students develop Mandarin proficiency.

Take a look at our Foreign Nationals School FAQ’s here.

High School (Grades 10-12)

Maple Leaf International High School programs offer a high-quality, academically-strong, university-prep type program with strong external accreditations .

The Superintendent of Schools supervises the program in China and the Superintendent of Global Education in the countries outside of China, to ensure compliance and high standards at each school. At each Maple Leaf international high school the educational program is led by an experienced principal, with a full staff of highly qualified teachers. All academic teachers and administrators are educators with verified credentials. All principals and academic teachers hold valid teacher certificates from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand , or South Africa.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

MLES is an English-intensive educational system from pre-school to high school. All of our schools provide extensive ESL teaching in preparation for our fully English BC high school graduation program.

At the Elementary and Middle School Levels

MLES has created its own unique model for ESL teaching at the elementary and middle school levels and produced its own standards and assessments, as well as its textbooks and learning materials (Maple Leaf English and Maple Leaf English for Young Learners). Our ESL model includes the important areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar.

Through our teaching methods and our instructional materials Maple Leaf English aims to teach students to think in English as preparation for learning in English in their studies at our high schools. At the elementary and middle school the English instruction time is doubled, so that our students’ study at least 12 classes of English each week with half of those taught by native English speakers. All of our ESL teachers hold degrees and ESL teacher certification.

At the High School Level

For students whose English language proficiency levels are not ready for the English intensive environment of the English language high school program, we offer the MLES Language Electives Program. This program allows students to earn some elective credits towards their high school diploma, while increasing their English proficiency in an academically motivated environment.

For more details see the China section of the website.

Chinese as a Second Language (CSL)

Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) is offered to non-Chinese students at three levels, from beginner to advanced. CSL is taught to international students enrolled in our Chinese elementary and middle schools, our Foreign Nationals schools, and is offered as an elective for international students in our BC high schools. An increasing number of our international students in China and local studnets in our high schools outside of China are taking advantage of this option to learn oral and written Mandarin.